Uniform of the Week

Uniform wear for the week of January 14th is the Class C uniform. A, B, and D Flights will wear the Class C uniform on Wednesday the 16th, Day 1. C and E Flights will wear the Class C uniform on Thursday the 17th, Day 2.

The Class C uniform is the blue uniform, open-collar shirt...no tie. Cadets are expected to wear the uniform all day with exceptions being approved by the SASI/ASI only. Removing the uniform without permission may result in a failing grade for the week.

Uniform and grooming inspections are test grades and have the largest impact on your grade in AFJROTC. Look as professional and neat as you can and do not forget any uniform items at home to include the flight cap!

If you have an excused absence from class, you must make up the uniform wear...as you would make up a missed test or homework assignment. Wear the uniform during your first day back in school. It is the cadet's responsibility to ensure the instructors or flight commander/flight sergeant inspect you and record a grade when back to school. And wear the uniform the entire day as you do on any other uniform day.