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Why We are NJ-781st AFJROTC?

Our Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) unit was established in 1978.  We were the first AFJROTC unit established in the state of NJ that year.

AFJROTC is an elective course designed to develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community. AFJROTC is a citizenship and leadership program that complies with Air Force and national/NJ education standards. All cadets will be required to wear the blue AFJROTC uniform about once per week many weeks of the school year as well as meet Air Force grooming standards while wearing the uniform. The uniforms are issued at no cost, and there is no military obligation for being a part of the AFJROTC program!

Review the links below as well as the Calendar (our unit master calendar) for more details regarding the coming school year for NJ-781st AFJROTC.

If you have any questions, please contact SMSgt Vivian Bender or Lt Col Schwartz by email or call us at 856-663-8006, ext. 1118, If you use email, be sure to put your name in the subject area, so we can establish your email address as a non-spam address.

West Military Wall of Honor Presentation

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Freshmen Orientation 0845-1200

Freshmen Orientation 0845-1200

Freshmen Orientation 0845-1200

Air Force Junior ROTC News

2018 Cadet Leadership Course Cadet Graduates

Top L-R: P. Tambussi, S. Ackerman, S. Fox, K. Edwards, E. Santana, M. Susterowitz, G. Hall, J. Ackerman, K. Eberhardt

Center L-R: P. Krzesiczan, S. Higgins, M. Porch, M. Waddell, Z. Wilkins, H. Schwartz, J. Widmeier, M. Fox, J. Donnelly

Bottom L-R: A. Torres, S. Kim, Z. Angud, A. Dudley, J. Boyer, D. Vitali, M. Moore

Wall of Honor
Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor is a program that will honor all those students that graduated from Cherry Hill High School West only. They can be serving in any branch of the Armed Forces, including Coast Guard. Also those that served with an honorable discharge (DD Form 214) due to separation or retirement. This program is for those that are serving or served on active duty, Reserve, or Guard. We will need an 8 X 10 photo of the member in any combination of military uniform. Please make sure to put the service member's name, year they graduated from West, and branch of service on the back of the picture. Please contact SMSgt Bender or Lt Col Schwartz with any questions or concerns

Pictures can be mailed to:

Air Force Junior ROTC WOH
2101 Chapel Avenue
Cherry Hill NJ 08002

Due to new school security measures, pictures cannot be dropped off.